Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Well. Some of you may know that I love being a part of Arda's school's PTA. I get to work with some really nice people, spend time with my son, and drive. A lot.

Here's how much: usually, a tank of gas gets me thru a whole month. I walk a lot. And love cabs. Since I became the president of the PTA (yeah, had to put that one in, too :), I've been filling up once a week. Because I drive 52 miles, round trip. That's like 85 kilometers for those of us on the metric system. And there are committees and meetings and all kinds of actually cool stuff going on, which makes me drive to and back from school, like, three times a week.

Arda takes the school bus every day. He can handle it. So should I.

Speaking of which, I really need to change the scale in the bathroom. The one we have works just fine, but only displays lbs, so I have to try and calculate how much I weigh every single time. And my brain hurts from the exertion.

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