Thursday, January 21, 2010

Drum Roll.

For those of you who called and emailed and commented on my latest post, thank you.

I finally crashed Tuesday night and it actually felt better. Fell asleep in front of the TV and slept thru CSI and all until 5AM.

On a lighter note, we're all packed and ready to leave for Austria on Saturday. This trip is somewhat traditional in the way we visit Vienna and our great friends, Bahar, Bernd and Sima, then go skiing for five days, then drive back to Vienna for some more time with the Rothensteiner family for good food, wine, museums and lots of laughs. I am jut hoping that I won't freak out when I'm there so I can get some decent sleep and get a good taste of the slopes. The boys are very very excited and we're hoping that we'll miss the snow storm approaching Istanbul on Saturday. Will post fun stuff, promise...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


As I lay awake looking yet again at another hour passed without the sweet lull of sleep I feel the blisters forming on my hands, mostly my knuckles, and another wave of utter fear overwhelms me and my heart starts beating maniacally to catch up to that whooshy-fally feeling (for the lack of words, like when your heart jumps to your mouth on that first fall from the top of the bazillion feet tall roller coaster) I curse at the shallow jerks who blame an earthquake on anything but the catastrophic movement of some plates and their tectonic shifts and moves and I get up to check on my sons and try not to look at the clock because I know there will be more of this torture to come.