Friday, March 13, 2009

I apologize for the interruption...

But I recently lost my hard disc. Really. It just stopped working all of a sudden. When I sent it to get it fixed, the techies said "we'll rescue your data" and I believed them.

I confess.

My last back-up, was, unfortunately, in November. Early November. I thought I had backed up in January. I hadn't. Or maybe I had, and I can't find it now among the numerous external hard discs that pollute my library.

Anyways.. The techies rescued thumbnails of my iPhoto library and my whole iTunes library. Better than nothing, huh?

I feel really shitty about not backing up. Really. I hate it that I lost all that I had written, all that I had worked on, and all that I emailed and received. Almost all of my PTA stuff is lost (I have hard copies of most of the important documents, though, so that's good).

Oh, I went and got my computer from the techies Tuesday afternoon. The hard disc went kaput again Tuesday night. What part of "my hard disc is dead, it says hardware malfunction on Disc Warrior" did they not understand, I wonder?


It's a fresh start. I promise to make sure Time Machine is running and keep my folders organized.

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