Thursday, May 20, 2010

Alternate versions of reality

Is it possible to run out of things to say? To write about?

The notes I mentioned in a previous post seem to be decreasing in amount and frequency. Or I'm losing them. I distinctly remember writing something about what to do with all the hand crafts the kids make, and it was all witty and cute and funny at the same time (or so it seemed). It's either somewhere hidden in the deep dusty yucky crevices of my purse or I am totally losing my mind and remembering alternate versions of reality:

Got the ATM card activated
Got my notes in order
Wrote contracts
Wiped off gunky mascara
Cleaned my desk
Measured Tunca's height
Measured the wall where I'm supposed to buy a bookcase kinda thing.
Charged my phone
Found and brought pregnancy and baby name books for my cute friend Asyak

Still have no cash
Questionable existence of notes
Got two blank pages open in Word and Pages, it's a start
Gunky mascara all over my face, not just my eyes
Sticky desk with piles and piles of paperwork
Can make that up
Could go by without a bookcase kinda thing for 8 months, probably don't really need it
Found the charger
Who borrowed my Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy book? Come out and identify yourself. And for punishment, cross to the European side and hand deliver the books dammit.