Tuesday, July 8, 2008


A few years ago, I was contemplating getting a Vespa for myself. I seldom drive anywhere, usually either walk or take a cab, and with both the boys at school during the day, I thought a cool Vespa would do the trick. I could find a second hand one, and it would be cheaper than taking cabs, and would be environmentally responsible with all the gas prices

One night, while we were watching E.L. Raymond, I told my husband, "you know, I might want a Vespa."

He looked at me, with his incredible lashes and amazing green eyes, and asked:

"Are you so unhappy?"

The cliche of women finding comfort in shopping does apply to me. It might seem shallow, and I am a sucker for shoes and handbags, yet the year was 2002 when I bought my last handbag, and I managed not to buy one single pair of shoes since early 2007. A Vespa, though, now that is what I call a midlife crisis.

I never bought that Vespa. It was not safe to ride around in the treacherous streets of İstanbul, and what if I needed to take the kids somewhere, and everyone would see my butt crack because of the low cut pants I used to wear, alas, no Vespa for me.

The point of all this ranting and reminiscing about the averted crisis, is that yesterday, as I walked home wearing my beloved yet so unfairly not worn often orange and green platforms, I stopped over at an upholstery store and called my husband to say, "I found the perfect, perfect plaid for the single couch."

His reaction was, "Are you so unhappy again?"

No! I am quite content actually. I miss my son, but he'll be back next week. I am busy with my pottery, consulting for friends, having fun, and will be on vacation in about three weeks. Life is good.

It's just that the platforms were hard to walk on, I needed a rest, and the plaid was just what I was looking for. I really need to prioritize.

I'll do a before - after post of the reupholstered couch soon.

ps.: that rocking couch was the first "new" thing we bought for our apartment other than the lamps when we were living in NYC. And, it is only furniture (other than Arda's crib and our bookcase) that I brought back to Turkey while moving.

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