Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What are you doing now?

For those of you who have experience with sending your children to camp, please forgive me if I seem anxious or weird or downright scared.

Arda has been wanting to attend the summer camp organized by his basketball club for the past two years. Last year, I told him he was too young to go. This year, seeing the yearning in his eyes, I gave in.

He left early this morning. I spent most of the day sleeping, the only interlude being picking up Tunca from school and playing chess and checkers with him. The moments I was awake were filled with questions about what my 8 year old son was doing without me. "He must have been hungry, he only had a bite to eat at 6AM this morning" or "will he remember to put sunscreen on?" or "I wonder if he has fallen asleep yet" or "I miss him."

I know that this is a great opportunity for him to experience wonderful things, to improve his basketball, to meet new people, and to grow.

He certainly seemed ready and eager to go this morning. I certainly am not ready.

This is where he went: http://www.geleceginyildizlari.com

There is an English version, as well.


Me said...

Hey babe, so sorry I wasn't there for you! Had no idea. Is there a camp where I can go to be a better friend? How about for five year old little girls who don't leave their mother alone, even in the bathroom, for one second of EVERY DAY? How about a camp for mothers who just want a day off from the constant "Anne?!!" Wait, I think that's called a spa. When are you going to bring Tunca over for a swim?

Zeynep said...

Yes! A spa! Sounds like a plan! Things are better on the "missing" front - see update above, but really, any excuse for a break from the ordinary is welcome. And remember, having Arda gone, Tunca needs LOTS of attention since he has noone else to bug :P

We can come over next weekend. I miss you.