Friday, January 9, 2009

Peter Pan and I

Call me shallow, but amongst all the great movies I have seen (and believe me, I have seen many) the one that always, always moves me so is Peter Pan. Yes, that version of Peter Pan.

The whole "never is an awfully long time" thing moves me. So does the destitute in Hook's (and Tink's!) face when he realizes that Peter "has found himself a... Wendy. And Hook is all alone." And lines like "you... are a codfish" make me giggle. And Mr. Darling's reference to bravery about how he put away many of his dreams as he locked them in a drawer which gets harder and harder to close after he secretly admires them late at night... yet he still does close the damn thing.

Anyways, I just came across the movie while zapping through channels tonight, and after a dull Turkish Cup soccer game between Galatasaray and Altay, it felt just right.

We have the DVD and every chance I get, I tell the boys that I would like to watch it. Sometimes they agree, more often we end up cracking up at Spongebob or ScoobyDoo. They both do know that I would pick Peter Pan if it was up to me. They make fun of me when I cry at certain scenes, yet I sometimes catch a glimpse of a tear on their faces here and there as well. I want them to know that love is captivating (both in terms of imprisonment and amazement) and liberating at the same time. And I hope, really, truly hope that they are fine with feeling that way.

Our trip was great. A few friends cancelled at the last minute and we were worried about the road conditions for a while, but we made it safe and sound and had a wonderful time with dear friends.

Here are some photos:
Arda hanging out with goats on the way back from the Zeus Altar.
Tunca & Z hiking. Sorta.
Gang of boys @ Zeytinbağı.
Food @ Zeytinbağı.
New Year's Eve @ Zeytinbağı.
Cool ladies.
Cool ladies v.2

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Orhan Kurmuş said...

I think the most memorable line is:
"All of this has happened before, and it will all happen again."

I don't know why but it is repeated over and over again in all 72 episodes of Battlestar Galactica.