Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Talent and Production

I think that I lack both. I wish I could sew. Or draw. Or throw a pot with some sense of precision. I try, though.

Maybe singing is my calling, yet the call to create something, the terrible, horrible feeling of not being able to produce anything often overwhelms me. And I am once again left with the sucky feeling of dissatisfaction and futility. Not utility.

Check this out by Mike Lowery of ArgyleAcademy:
So Mike drew this when he went out to lunch with a friend. How cool, how simple yet witty and cute and funny is that?

Lauran Alane, my favorite felter/designer has the most amazing needle felted birds:
Now that's talent!


charmofsmyrna said...

To be a perfect mom to two cuties. (considering that they're both "male"..)

That's talent!! (And even more than talent)=)

allysha said...

Those birds are darling!

Don't give up on your creative desires. We all get better. (Sometimes just really slowly!)