Friday, February 8, 2008

Fun with Taboo Jr.

While playing Taboo Jr with Tunca:

(the word is seagull, and I am not supposed to use sea (duh, deniz in Turkish) and bird).

zym: you know how we go to the beach and we see these things that fly?
t: kites
z: no, these are living things, they're alive
t: alive kites!
z: these have wings and they fly, some kind of animal?
t: geese!
z: well, kinda like geese, but smaller, and white
t: small geese! white geese!
(time's up)

z: seagull
t: I call them geese.


Me said...

You're restricting his developing creativity. Let the kid call seagulls geese!!!

Kaliteli Yasam said...

Ya biz Huseyinle cok gulduk buna!!