Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Yelling at people - Not Nice.

So sue me.

That's exactly what some guy told me he would do today. AFTER he stopped on a the left line of a three-lane road. Right in front of me. Without signaling. In fast(ish) flowing traffic (maybe 50km/hr).

What was I supposed to do? The same thing any sane - decent driver would do - blast my horn so long that he paid attention, signal and switch to the right lane while still keeping my tense hands on the horn, rolling down my window and yelling:


He was very very kind - mind you. After he told me to go &%+é (four words, take a wild guess) myself he said he would sue me.

I bet he went to school in the US.

Or he watches too many Law & Order reruns. Or Boston Legal.

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