Friday, February 15, 2008

Truth or Dare

I think that at some point in one's life, we have to stop and look back to see what we did wrong that made us come to the point of wondering what we did wrong. Or something like that. The problem with me -and my often distracted train of thought- is that I just never seem to concentrate enough to even wonder that. The minute I start bugging myself about not working, or not singing, or not writing (see, I'm writing, this does count, right?) I get distracted by
  • the kids
  • traffic
  • thinking whether we should buy new bananas
  • Nintendo DS
or last but not least -
  • Nintendo Wii.
See, here I sit down to write about some deep troubling thought yet all I can think about is playing Knights of Cydonia in Expert mode in Guitar Hero III.

The video is hilarious! And Arda's rock repertoire is expanding daily - I heard him humming "Black Magic Woman" the other day. Hmm.

Once again, my musings were interrupted by YouTube. Darn. I should go and look up the lyrics and download the ringtones as well. Another day!

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