Friday, March 28, 2008

Ever changing taste in music - a.k.a. vaddafak?

Do you laugh at middle aged white man blasting rap music from their convertibles? Well, that's a bit out of the ordinary in İstanbul anyways, but it's the notion. I've always thought it was weird. Then I find myself listening to Eminem of all people (no, not because of the kids) and these days, enjoying SOAD and Steriogram immensely. As usual my brother thinks I'm nuts (and my taste in music stinks) yet the boys are pleasantly surprised. It must be a passing phase that goes along with my hair style - the "tamer" it looks, the "lamer" my music taste gets, the longer/wilder it is, the stranger.

Here's "Just Like You" - and the guy REALLY needs a haircut:

Speaking of hair, right now I hate my hairdresser for chopping 4 inches off my hair! I just wanted it to look healthy dammit!


Orhan Kurmuş said...

Allalla, comment yaziyoruz, cikmiyor; bu nasil is ??

Zeynep said...

approve etmek gerekiyor şahsım tarafından. spam post ediyolar çok çünkü.

Orhan Kurmuş said...

Tamam dfa neden benim ilk comment approve edilmedi o zaman ?

Zeynep said...

bi tane vardı?