Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Modern Furniture for Kids

When we bought Arda's crib in late 1999, there wasn't a variety affordable AND available modern nursery furniture even in NYC. When he outgrew the crib (and Tunca was well on his way into this world) we just went to a regular furniture store in İstanbul and bought him a twin bed and matching bookcases etc. They look pretty modern.

But this collection from Oeff blew my mind! Check them out:

This is a regular twin bed, made in Latvia. The price is around 800$ (not very affordable). It also comes in white. I am not sure about "sterile" looking rooms for kids - and I have a feeling no matter how "clean" the furniture lines look, at least my kids will make them look complicated and even dirty in no time.

But who is to say all kids' rooms should look alike - plane and space shuttle and boat themes for boys, butterflies and roses for girls. I for one looked around for a while and even considered having a carpenter custom make a bedroom set for the boys - alas I am too lazy to even consider thinking about that not to mention drawing them. IKEA wasn't available in Turkey, then either, BTW.

I am, however, sure that if we had the modern furniture for the kids, they definitely would be a conversation piece - mostly behind my back :)


Orhan Kurmuş said...

Yeter be !!!!
On tane yorum gonderdim, bu yatak "twin" degil diye bir tanesi bile cikmadi.

Zeynep said...

bi tek bu geldi?