Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I don't want to become one of "those" women.

You know, the kind who quits her job after marrying (or first kid), then starts these hobby courses when the kids are off to nursery school. Wait! I am one of "those!"

I found a pottery studio when I first came back to İstanbul - it was not so far from where I lived and gave me a safe, quiet place to work on a pottery wheel by myself.

But dang - it was very expensive. Even if they included the firing and glaze (which they didn't) the price was too much - for no taking lessons and just fiddling around with clay. If I thought I had a minuscule amount of talent in the area, I really would not care about forking over the money.

Mind you, the peace of mind I had during those hours were priceless (yeah, I know it sounds like a MasterCard commercial).

If only I could fire up something like this:

Or this:

These were done by Whitney Smith - and available for purchase. She also has a blog - and believe me - she deserves being "getting fanned with palm fronds by the palace slaves .. uhm interns" :)

I will, one day, post pictures of the stuff I made...

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