Friday, May 9, 2008

The New Favorite Gift of ALL Times!

Remember I wrote about the mashed potato device my husband got me as a gift?

First of all, my husband corrects, that wasn't a Valentine's Day gift, but Mother's Day gift. Plus, it was supposed to be from the kids, and he just helped pick it. So I stand corrected.

I don't think my "gift" post had that much to do with this years incredible surprise. I am the proud owner of a Shimpo Whisper T pottery wheel now! Well, I went and bought it second hand myself but DH was the one who said "just go and get one if that's what's going to make you happy and don't worry about where we would put it, you can bring it to my office."
I think that is one of the most selfless acts I have seen him perform. You see, he works alone, as a consultant, is meticulously neat, plus enjoys (and needs) solitude to do stuff involving metals of some sort. Non-Ferrous ones. But now there will also be ferrous ones. Or something like that. Anyways, it is complicated and that's why I think he needs silence.

I always thought that his office was the one place he could escape to without my constant nagging, relentless questions, and constant need for attention. He actually gave that up so a) he can be with me more and b) so I can be happier.

So hunny, if you're reading this, the next years "best gift ever received" post on the Parent Bloggers Network will be something like this:

My husband got me the best gift I ever received.

I can hear you snickering about the followin, and I shall answer accordingly. I can be proper when I have to.

Comment1: knowing you, you will be too damn messy and he will kick you out in a matter of days.
Answer1: That's what my grandmother said when I was getting married, yet 14 years later, he sill hasn't. And you should see me with the mop. Though he did stare a bit at the mud on the ceiling. I have no idea how it got there. Really.

Comment2: knowing you, you will talk so much that he won't be able to concentrate on his work and he will kick you out in a matter of days. Nagger.
Answer2: First of all, see answer1, part 1 re. marriage and my grandmother. Second of all, potters don't talk much. They're much too busy trying to center a lump of mud.

Comment3: knowing you, you will get tired of the whole pottery thing in a matter of weeks and he will kick you out of the house for making him spend all that money. You monkey. Lazy monkey.
Answer3: Enough with the insults. Get a grip. I have been wheel throwing since 11th grade and I never, ever can think of anything more wondrous, more relaxing and more creative than that. It will help with my constant hiatus of creative constipation and I get to stop spending my time sleeping, playing guitar hero and other wasteful activities like shoe shopping. No erase that. Shoe shopping must go on. But less.

Comment4: you suck at the wheel.
Answer4: Yes. I know I am not that good at the wheel. But that's only because I haven't had the chance to practice. You shall see pictures of my creations soon. And that'll spice up this blog. So shut up. And really, enough with the insults.


Orhan Kurmuş said...

1. Pottery wheels, as I remember them, are simple wooden contraptions with two wooden disks joined together in the middle with a wooden axle. As you turn the lower disk with your bare feet (sliding your foot and hitting it at an angle of about 10 to 15 degrees and repeating the process with the other foot in quick succession) the angular motion is transfered to the upper disk via the axle. Then you shape the revolving lump of mud with your bare hands and trim the superfluous parts with a string and create your masterpiece. Making patterns on it with a comb-like device is optional. The picture I see here looks like a high-tech electronic gizmo. Apparently, it is set in motion by applying pressure on the pedal in the lower right; hence, no footwork. It seems that the extent of your creativity is only bound with your dexterity. Good luck.

2. Who is DH?

Zeynep said...

Dad, you know I'm a lazy bum, and the foot operated ones are no longer in fashion. Yes, the pedal can be pressed and once you set the speed you want, it sticks to it leaving you able to concentrate on your masterpiece. I disagree, though, the extent of my creativity is further enhanced by the electric gizmo without the strain on my dexterity.

DH=Dear Husband

Me said...

Zymzym, I think your dad knows way too much about way too many things and that's why you're a lazy bum. :)

allysha said...

How much fun! I am excited to see your creations!!! So get to work!