Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sing a Song

I have truly reached the epitome of my directing skills.

Halfway through watching home videos of Arda & Tunca taken since 2002, I realized that in EVERY SINGLE one that I am taking, I ask the either one, or both the boys to sing a song. Every one. Birthdays, baths, playing, reading, watching a movie.. Whatever the occasion, at some point during the video, I tell 'em "sing a song now."

And they both immediately start singing gibberish songs mostly polluted with words like pee, poop, bum, and boobies.

What's the message here?

When I figure out a way to compress the videos, I will post a few.

Definitely the one that has Tunca simultaneously sitting on, and then bursting a balloon, and the expression on his face and Burak and I literally rolling on the floor laughing.


charmofsmyrna said...

when i was a kid, if i had been bored or something, mom used to tell me over and over: "c'mon, sing a song!!"

that's a mothers' habbit:) not sth to worry about;)

allysha said...

that's funny. home movies are the best. not just because of the kids, but because of how it reveals the parents!