Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Random Photos

I really like what Wendolonia posts in her blog sometimes - daily pictures with just a few words...

I was just thinking that I am neither that talented enough to take nice photos nor that organized to carry a camera with me when I realized, I actually do have a ton of photos on my cell phone. The quality is terrible, but they are glimpses into my daily life - no special occasions, just moments I thought should be captured (oh the cliche is killing me!) somehow.
This is testament to one of the reasons why I truly love Arda's school. After having shoveled the minuscule amount of snow we received in February, the children were allowed to go out and walk like penguins on the little ridge! I was in a Parent - Family Association meeting, and first thought that the teachers would just ask the kids to get back inside, or to the back yard which is bigger, has acres of playgrounds, soccer fields etc. (and because this is the front yard and they're only allowed here for ceremonies).

Yet the few teachers you see in that photo were actually helping the kids climb the snow, and joyfully watching them have genuine fun. The one with the beige jacket is Arda.
This is my father and uncle leading my grandmother to one of many tests she had to go through in the hospital. She is holding onto both their arms, probably not unlike 50+ years ago, yet this time, they're the ones leading her and supporting her and explaining to her things she does not want to understand.

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charmofsmyrna said...

I'm literally touched by the photo that consists of your grandma, dad and uncle.
the "roles" have changed a lot so far, huh?..