Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Today, I finally got to see my beloved friend Ahu, and her very shy daughter Maya, who returned from the US to live here in İstanbul.

A thousand entries would not be enough to describe what I went through when I came to live here. Mixed feelings of finally being close to my family combined with longed for relationships, new friends, leaving all that was young and New York behind and living, finally, in where I thought I belonged - the beautiful, beautiful İstanbul... My shrink thinks I still have to live through those feelings of "migration" (why yes, I am a bird) after all these years.

A thousand entries will not be enough for her, either. She just has to live through them. And brace herself. And her family.

Anyways, we were talking about how we end up pulling everyone around us together (and believe me, I am actually looking forward to her pulling me together, just like she did in college :).

And I realized, we are Bounty. The quilted quicker picker upper. My life was so fine when I used paper towels to clean an entire apartment. Bounty was all I needed. Now there are different scraps of cloth for the windows, the tiles, the rugs... It is all so complicated. Yes, I may be shallow, but yey for me because the maid has to deal with all that is complex.

See Ahu, we have that in İstanbul. No need for paper towels. And remind me to give you the number of my shrink. She's quilted as well.

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