Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Traffic traffic everywhere.

Traffic in Istanbul is becoming ever more chaotic. When we moved back here 7 years ago from the US, we were not flabbergasted with it - after all, we were "New Yorkers" and hey, avoid rush hour and weekend soccer games and we were set.

Not anymore.

Traffic is everywhere, every minute of the day, and we are actually surprised when there isn't traffic.

So here I am today, amidst uncontrollable fits of coughing thanks to the wonderful virus Arda gave me as a pre-April-fools day present, trying to get to a bookstore to buy a something for a friend's daughter (as well as music notebooks for both the boys for Arda's guitar lessons, and why, we have to buy one for Tunca as well, so he doesn't feel left out) at 2PM on a weekday and waddaya know - traffic.

It takes me more than a half hour to drive a distance that should take less than 10 minutes, and 45 minutes on the way back thanks to the Fenerbahçe's Champs League game tomorrow - everyone just HAS to stop by the stadium store, double parking and making the already senseless traffic even worse.

I am a big Beşiktaş fan, and don't mind other Turkish teams having European victories but darnit - find somewhere else to park, you mean mean fans.

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