Friday, April 4, 2008

New family members.

I was reading Peppa Studio's blog when I realized I haven't introduced our newest members to the family.

They have been with us for about two weeks now, and are not named yet (for fear they would pass away in a hurry) but here they are:
I don't exactly know what they are, mini lobsters? There also was a mussel - you can see it in the photo above - but the babies ate that. So sweet. They keep shedding their whole skins (crusts?) and eating then, too. They are growing nice and plump. If I were a lobster person, they probably would look yummy in a few months... Thank goodness I don't eat anything that comes out of the water. I wish we had a dog.

We are going to Bodrum for a short vacation, so I will not be updating until next week. The boys are very excited, but my brother and his son Ali are sick and will only be joining for three days so I'm a bit bummed about that. Here are a few pictures from previous years:
I don't know what's with my mouth in that last one - I may be eating something. These are probably from 2005. We always go to SeaGarden Hapimag for spring break - no one's there, prices are low and Bodrum is greener than ever this season.

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