Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Emo Kid Continued

You probably read about Arda's feelings toward inanimate objects. He also has a tendency to get very emotional while watching movies as well. He was only 4 when he first saw Ice Age and to this day, every single time he watches it, he runs to his bedroom and tries to occupy himself with something.

Since he was sick all of last week, we had our share of watching movies - Nanny McPhee is very popular with Tunca - what child doesn't adore kids who call themselves poop bum anyways. So the three of us are sitting/lying down on the couch right in front of the TV and Arda, with all his fever, gets up and runs to his room, crying, "that evil, evil woman!" It was the scene where the soon to be new stepmother of the kids breaks the baby's rattle left by their dead mother.

The next day, we're watching a movie about a crow, and the crow, after being locked up and put on live TV (no idea how the plot goes, I was playing Puzzle Quest on the DS) flies to some backyard and steals a toddler's toy, so the toddler toddles (ugh) off the yard into the street looking for it, leaving, yeah you guessed, Arda, to run back to his room, screaming, "the kid's gonna get lost!!"

Is it too early to see a shrink, or should I feel blessed to have a child "in touch" with his feelings?

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Orhan Kurmuş said...

Ne yani, simdi ben Arda'yi sinemaya goturursem boyle aglayacak mi?