Thursday, April 24, 2008

Breaking All The Rules

As I was reading CoolBroad's "10 Things Not to talk about at a cocktail party " I realized I have basically broke all the rules while we were having dinner with some friends last night. Wonder whether they'll ever call again!
  1. Politics; When a friend spoke of checking the eyesight of a famous politician, I immediately had to say "you should have punched him in the eye right there." Hm.
  2. Religion; "I had not one way of explaining to my child what my religion was, I only said to him that he will figure that out for himself and I'd be more than happy to provide him with necessary information during the process. When he's older, like, 13."
  3. How gifted and talented your kid is; OK guilty as charged - "why, he DID learn how to ride the bike in just a day." Extra credit: "the guitar lessons have worked wonders on him - he can strum to tunes now." Liar. Bad lying mama!
  4. How much you just paid for something; "The new bike? We paid x liras." Yours was?" We paid 6 times as much. But I sorta eased out of the situation by stating that ours also flies. Eeek.
  5. Someone else; I think I passed on that. One point for the good etiquette.
  6. Taxes and Death; Death was talked about. I didn't bring it up but told of how the kids' school handled the death of a student.
  7. Your kids (excessively); But that's what we have in common!
  8. Your pets (excessively); Passed on that as well. Though the lobster issue did come up once.
  9. Your uber-cool job (excessively); Ha! I can never ever talk about that because as you all know, I don't have a job. If mothering counts, take off the points my friend!
  10. How much you dislike something; Had to talk about my (non) experiences with cooking and being a "housewife" in general. That's a part of my character. No points deducted (in my opinion).


thatcoolbroad said...

Ha Ha! This is cute! Thanks for reading my blog! From what I can tell, you've got a bangin' sense of humor...and that pretty much makes up for any "rules" you may have broken!


p.s. where can I get one of those flying bikes?

Zeynep said...

The flying bike is only sold to people who have to put their feet (both of them) in their mouths after commenting on how much the 11 year old daughter of a couple you've just met "looks just like her mother!" and then finding out that the look alike is actually her stepmother. How am I supposed to know that? I am no medium. No sixth sense. No such blessing. Boy, they were offended. Come to think of it, it could actually be considered a compliment.