Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Once Upon a Time in New York

I must have written about New York. I should have.

While cruising, from page to page, I came across Bryant Park's website tonight. The same park where my first son went to for his first "outing" when he was 6 days old and took his first steps when he was 11 months old. The same park we listened to a good friend of ours play Paganini's Variations, in shorts, just a few days before his debut at the New York Philharmonic, then a few months later, listened to Sarah MacLaughlin rehearse the night before her concert, just for us. The same park that I walked through at all hours of the night coming home from the Grace Building (because I worked right across the street from where I lived, you don't get that lucky anywhere in the world). The same park with incredible views from our first -and only- apartment we owned.

See where it says 32 West 40th Street? That's the Engineer's Building. That's where we used to live.
I miss New York so much sometimes, especially days like these when I struggle to find an entertaining, informative, and logistically not impossible activity for the children.
Or days when I seem to search and search for that perfect little something and I am sure it must exist in New York, and yes, maybe it is here in İstanbul as well but traffic, chaos or simply faith forbids me to find it (yes, we do finally have Manolo here, and no, that's not what I'm talking about).

I will post about the incredible stuff we do here in Istanbul as well - we play tourist a lot, and enjoy Istanbul to its fullest extent. Just don't make us drive too much.

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Kaliteli Yasam said...

I loved this Zeynep! Write more about places in New York...it's sort of poetic and gives me a sense of time and space and a yearning for the States!