Monday, April 28, 2008

Home Thumb.

You know people who have "green thumbs?" Those who make every plant they touch flourish and bloom no matter the season? I have friends who have "home" thumbs. I call them at any given day and they tell me things like "oh, I was just putting glitter on these candles that I just made" or "well, the curtains were getting dull so I am sewing some beads in them."

I just want to hang up and cry.

The other day, worried that I am still very very unhappy for some reason, Burak was trying to cheer me up while providing feedback and some mentoring on what I should "do." Like, a career. Or a hobby. Anything to keep the woman from just spending money! I am 34 and if I am still wondering what I'm going to be when I grow up (!) something has gone awry.

I am going to tie these two very distinct thoughts together at some point. Really.

Anyways, as I was telling Burak how I love just sitting on the wheel, feeling the mud take shape beneath my fingers in that slimy yet satisfying (ok, who know where that line's from?) and immensely quenching way, he asked me whether I was any good at it.

The reason why I don't bring my beautiful pots and plates and vases and bowls home, the reason why often I don't even fire them, is because I believe that I really am not that good at it. I probably could be. Maybe. Someday. But never good enough to be able to say "well, I've grown up and I'm a potter now." I can spend hours just sitting on the wheel, not even making a shape, just watching and feeling the mud.

Anyways. Back to friends with home thumbs. I wish I could be like that. Take a project from my many bookmarked home & design blogs and ideas and follow through and the next time my home thumbed friend calls, I can tell her, "well the bedspreads were boring so I am weaving new ones." Ha! At your face! (I'm just jealous, that's all).

Take quilting for example. The blocks and the patterns have names, there is a whole industry on quilt making. What makes a simple quilt art? (Oooh the blog is getting more intellectual by the minute - what happened to the posts where I wrote about who pooped green today?).

If I were to make a quilt, I would want it to look like Dorothy Caldwell's:
The utilitarian side of anything is simple - what makes her quilts art is the nonconformist way of expressing the story while leaving you with awe (and the 10,000$ price tag).

Out with the wheel, come to mama needles and sewing machines! I'm getting me a new hobby!


Me said...

When the 74 boxes get here, we will quilt together. The sewing machine and fabrics are from me. Can you iron? Or maybe we'll just layout all the fabrics, make up our design and never actually make it. That's more fun.

Orhan Kurmuş said...

What you are after is not a job. You need a diversion. Here are some projects you can try:

1. Photoshop artistry. (Dad can provide you with the latest version, all the best filters plus thousands of brushes).

2. Hydroponics as in Weeds. (We have a spare basement room, you know).

3. Old style leather bookbinding. It is a dying art and needs to be revived.

Zeynep said...

Me - I know you have a sewing thumb! I still remember the purple pants your mom sew up for me in 1992! Yeah, come & move close to me so we can pretend to be crafty, yet the call of martinis will be too strong...

Zeynep said...

A business venture! And we'll call the new product MILF :)

A wonderful diversion would be moving. That could keep me busy for months :)

allysha said...

Oh, don't give up completely on pottery! I would love to give that a try. But I hear what you're saying. I took up painting awhile back as a creative outlet when writing was too draining.

Also, I think it's never to old to decide what you want to do when you grow up. Always something to look forward to, no matter what age you are!