Friday, April 11, 2008

THE vacation.

Well, it was an interesting one.

It started out with my brother calling and saying both he and my nephew were sick, so they would probably arrive two days later. Then our flight was delayed for more than two hours in the shittiest airport seen on the face of the earth. Then we arrived to NOT drizzling, but pouring rain, at the hotel, exhausted, and found out the rooms we requested right in front of the playground were being renovated and we were to stay somewhere else in the village... All this aside, we got our towels, bathing suits and walked under pouring rain to the enclosed pool - with every step we got closer, Burak said he had a bad feeling and guess what - NO POOL! Well, the pool was there but the cover ceiling thingy flew off in a storm four months ago and they never got to fix it and yes, forgot to mention it.

So here we were in pouring rain, with stupid towels in our hands and our bathing suits underneath. Instead of the pool we decided to have lunch and take pictures while we looked for a- another hotel with an indoor pool, or b- a flight back home!
Check out the storm outside!

The kids refused both ideas vehemently, so we decided to ask the reception to send us a golf cart to take us to the pool in the spa. Now this is a very hoity toidy spa that has a nice indoor pool, lots massage and facial/treatment rooms, a big Turkish bath, saunas, jacuzzis and what have you. And you're supposed to be quiet there. Ha ha good luck with that one with my children! Might as well ask them to read Peace and War (edit - thanks dad, see how well read I am? War and Peace). From memory.

Upon entering, we asked whether we would disturb anyone (usually, no children under 18 allowed, and that's not because of naked people walking around) but they assured us that since the other pool was closed we were more than welcome to use this one and no one would mind.

So our adventure began, and the kids were actually very quiet (compared to their usual decibels). Oh, they were also the only children in the whole hotel anyways.

The next day was the same, lots of rain, lots of time alternating between the pool, the jacuzzi, the hamam, but they opened the mini club for the kids and they made t-shirts, painted and played mini golf and board games with Tanja, a very nice Belgian woman who spoke English as well as a little bit of Turkish.
Let there be sunshine. Now! Please!

Tunca had various mishaps, as did Arda, lots of falling, getting muddy, splinters etc but we were able to only picture Tunca's wonderful fall into a pool of mud after a jet speed slide ride, being the wonderful parents we are. I still can not stop laughing. We should have taped it.

The next two days were wonderful and sunny, and we even got to make dams (no, my children are truly realistic and do not build castles, signed, sanctimommy) in the sand.

My brother and his son Ali joined us on Monday and as my brother put it, the whole vacation was like a three day (five for us) birthday party for the kids - they have a great time and you just sit around being bored. I actually had a very relaxing time, even finished a whole book, but my sun allergies did not help at all, have always been very adamant about making me miserable. But such is life.


Orhan Kurmuş said...

War and Peace, and lots of other mistakes: spelling and typos.

Zeynep said...

OK I got War & Peace, but where are the typos?

charmofsmyrna said...

good to hear that it (the vacation) ended nicely=)
bu i really can't stop wondering where that place is.. ??

ps: i adore ur sons! yeah, both of'em;))

Orhan Kurmuş said...

...towels in hour hands ...
...out bathing suits...